Arnaldo De Vito

Arnaldo De Vito is founding partner of PSP Legal.

Over the course of more than ten years working as a trustee for numerous Insurance Companies, he has gained a wealth of experience in handling civil disputes, particularly relating to every possible aspect of civil liability.

He has developed specific expertise in the management of damages following road traffic accidents, accidents at work, and harmful events in general, as well as those concerning professional liability, with particular focus on medical liability.

He also handles residential and commercial leases, providing advice and assistance with the drafting of contracts as well as with disputes that may arise during the lease relation.

He also works in the area of bankruptcy and management of business crisis, real rights (property, possession, usucapion, boundary issues and connected questions), as well as inheritance due to death, also providing advice and assistance in drafting last wills and testaments, and in the management of disputes between heirs.

He is an expert in the management of civil litigation, dealing primarily with contracts between private individuals, supplies and sales contracts between companies or between professionals and consumers.

He works in Italian.

He is a member of the Pordenone Bar Association.

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